Start your journey

To introduce you to the world of Rituals, we have created a candidate journey, an employee journey called ‘Get Ritualized!’, and we also have our Rituals Academy. All of this will help you hit the ground running when you start your career with us.

How it starts

The rituals match identifier

It is important for us to give candidates a realistic idea of what it’s like to work at Rituals. We’ve created a candidate journey called ‘The Rituals Match Identifier’ which will help us get to know each other, whilst giving you the opportunity to become more familiar with our brand.

Depending on your specific job application, you could be invited to play an interactive game with real Rituals scenarios, watch a movie about our brand’s philosophy, complete a personality test or/and a brain game. You will also have the option to upload your resume and we will be delighted if you upload your personal video message.

Since we value our applicants, we will always offer you a personalized report once you’ve completed the pre-selection phase.

Based on the results of your overall assessment, Rituals makes a pre- selection and you could be invited for an interview at one of our stores or at our head office. This is also the moment when we explain to you in person how the rest of the process unfolds. If you are not selected you will receive a personal message via email.

Job search

Your Great Journey

We have great ambitions and need great employees to realize them. Training and development are important tools in giving our customers the ultimate Rituals experience. Learning should be relevant and fun for everybody, and we encourage our employees to grow both personally and professionally.

Get Ritualized

Get Ritualized! is our on-boarding program. Every new employee starts with this program, which aims to get you up to speed as soon as possible. Whether you work at one of our stores or at one of our head offices, you will start with a two-day Root camp, in which we introduce our culture, values, and way of working. It also includes several conversations with your manager, meaningful assignments so that you can showcase your talents, and training to get you on track for success. Our on-boarding program is full of rituals that embody our ‘living the brand’ philosophy.

Learning on the job

Rituals Academy

Rituals Academy is the perfect blend of classroom training and e-learning, giving every employee the opportunity to develop during their career at Rituals. We also encourage employees to be proactive and take the initiative when it comes to learning and growing in the workplace.
In order to focus on your product knowledge and sales skills, you will complete several elearning modules. A team of international trainers will be on hand to guide you. For our managers (at our head offices and stores) we have a Rituals Managers School, which provides you with the basis for becoming a real Rituals leader.

What you want is out there

Find your place with us

Rituals is rapidly expanding around the globe. You’ll find job opportunities within the Rituals Family at several locations, like our head offices, our own stores, and in department stores. We are always looking for new colleagues with whom to share our philosophy. What would you like to do at Rituals?

Job Search
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